Atlantis is a World Leader in Tidal Current Technology

Atlantis has achieved a series of significant technical milestones in successfully harnessing the power of tidal currents, and is pioneering the development of commercial-scale, tidal current generation arrays as well as leading industry supported R&D efforts through programmes such as the Energy Technologies Institute TEC system demonstrator.

Over the past decade, Atlantis has developed three families of turbines for application in open ocean, near shore shallow water and run-of-river environments. Atlantis has conducted extensive testing, including sea trials at our facilities in Australia and at the European Marine Energy Centre in the UK, tow testing programmes in Australia and Singapore and bench testing of our AR1000 turbine at the new NarREC facility in Blyth in the UK.  

Building on ten years of design and testing history, Atlantis will be teaming up with Lockheed Martin Corporation during 2014 to complete the design of its biggest turbine yet, the 1.5MW AR1500. The first AR1500 system is due to be installed for demonstration in 2015.


Significant milestones include:

    • 2006

      • In September 2006, Atlantis successfully connected a tidal current turbine, the Aquanator™, to the national grid in Victoria, Australia and began exporting power to the local grid as a fully accredited embedded generator.
    • 2007

      • Atlantis successfully completed the world’s largest dynamic tow test of a tidal current turbine in December 2007, as verified by Black & Veatch, using the AN150 system.
    • 2008

      • Atlantis successfully completed the installation, grid-connection and commissioning of an AN150 tidal current turbine in May 2008 at San Remo, Victoria, Australia.
      • Atlantis improved its own dynamic tow-test record in July 2008 using an improved AN150 turbine.
      • In August 2008, the AS140 was tow-tested and independently verified as showing market leading efficiency.
      • In 2008 Atlantis completed the recording of 12 months of turbine performance and environmental data at our San Remo test facility.
    • 2009

      • In early 2009 Atlantis conducted further tow testing of the ducted AS turbine system using both mono and bi-directional tidal turbine rotor blades.
    • 2010

      • During 2010, Atlantis installed a gravity base structure (GBS) foundation at the European Marine Energy Centre for the purpose of testing commercial scale MW tidal turbine systems.
      • The 1MW AK1000 (rated at 2.65 m/s) dual rotor nacelle was installed on the EMEC GBS in June 2010.
      • The AK nacelle was retrieved later that testing season due to a rotor blade failure emanating from a manufacturing fault.
    • 2011

      • During 2011, Atlantis released its single rotor 1MW AR1000 turbine (rated at 2.65 m/s) which was deployed and commissioned to grid at EMEC.
    • 2012

      • During 2012, Atlantis was the first turbine developer to complete commissioning of its 1MW AR1000 turbine nacelle on the National Renewable Energy Centre tidal turbine drive train onshore test bench.